Welcome to 3rd CAREN Regional Networking Conference – CRNC2018

“Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN): strengthening the Eurasian knowledge belt”

CRNC has established itself as the academic networking conference for Central Asia. The CAREN network, with its advanced applications, is a cornerstone of the Eurasian knowledge belt that stretches from Eastern Asia to Western Europe. The 3rd CAREN Regional Networking Conference (CRNC2018) aims to serve as a platform of exchange and collaboration from key stakeholders across this very knowledge belt, bringing together academia, scientists, decision makers, ICT specialists and industry representatives across Central Asia and Europe. All have a common interest in the provision of advanced ICT services for research and higher education institutions across the Central Asian region. This two-day conference will feature an overview of the recent developments in advanced ICT services for research and higher education, stories from the field in the use of these advanced services and how ICT is best introduced at member institutions of the Central Asian NRENs. Governmental policy makers are explicitly invited to attend the conference to gain a front seat insight into the benefits of advanced ICT services in education and research. Enlighten Your Research (EYR), the internationally renowned programme to encourage collaboration between researchers using specialised IT and network services, will have its award ceremony for its regional EYR@CAREN programme in a dedicated session. CRNC2018 will be hosted by TARENA, the Tajik Research and Education Network Association, jointly with the Tajik Academy of Sciences. The conference will be held 23-24 October 2018 on the premises of the Tajik Academy of Sciences. CNRC is organised by the EU-funded CAREN project that provides gigabit capacity connectivity to Central Asian NRENs.
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